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Default Overwatch

It's kind of like an evolved Team Fortress 2. There are 22 different characters, split into 4 different categories, for you to choose from, so it's possible to have quite a different experience depending which character you choose.

It's actually got me reasonably hooked. The first two weeks I was averaging over 2 hours of play a day. Even now, after a month or two, I still find myself playing an hour or so without noticing the time pass.

There are some problems with it of course, I tend to play 'Competitive' (where you're ranked) over 'Quick Play' but too often people leave the game and you're doomed to a loss no matter how you play. There are also some quite toxic players who get upset when you're losing as your rank will go down.

Still, fast paced, nicely presented and lots of gameplay variety on some well designed maps makes for a great game.
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I've got it on the PS4, really enjoyed it and played a lot early on, but if I'm honest I've barely touched it the past 2 weeks. Will definitely go back to it at some point though.

It's got a very cool feel with all the character variety.

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