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Default Google acquires BumpTop

In a surprising move, it is being reported that Google has scooped up hot multi-touch operating system skin maker BumpTop less than a month after BumpTop's first product made its commercial debut.

One disappointment of late is that there have been a relative lack of truly revolutionary operating system ideas. That's where BumpTop, a Canadian startup comes in. BumpTop has unveiled a vision of the future in which the user interacts with a 3D desktop via a set of intuitive gestures.

The project is not a full operating system itself, but rather a user interface skin that can go over an existing operating system. It was created as the Master's Thesis of Anand Agarawala, a student at The University of Toronto. The first versions work with Windows XP/Vista/7/Mac OS X.

The operating system features a variety of icon rearranging gestures, touch cropping, one touch transfers to USB and Facebook, and more. Agarawala's video explanation, found here, does the system far better justice, though, than a few brief words.

Video is worth a watch. You can see why Google acquired such a developer and IP.
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It's an interesting application.

Had a try with it before the announcement not a bad idea though some things missing and its a shame there will be no more development
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Originally Posted by HUNTER View Post
... its a shame there will be no more development
Of this OS layer, maybe not, but I expect that something will appear.

If google release a universal OS layer (a replacement win.exe, linux distribution and OSX equivalent) it could actually mean that people would only need to learn one OS and it could run on any underlying hardware and OS.

Mighty interesting.

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acquires, bumptop, google

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