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Sgt. Stadanko

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Default Dawn of War: Winter Assault

Well I think this is a marginally good RTS from THQ, a not so marginally good publisher. It incorporates five races you might be familiar with in the Warhammer universe: Space Marines, Chaos, Orks, Eldar and Imperial Guard. All have their major strengthes and weaknesses and it must've been an incredibly hard job trying to balance everything out. It differs from the 'gathering' style RTSs (units that gather resources e.g. food, wood et al) by gaining them through capture of 'Strategic Points.' This basically means that the more strategic points you capture, the higher rate you gain resource at.
It is an incredibly fun game to play, due to the almost nostalgaic fact that all the models I used to collect are killing eachother in the game universe. The theatres of battle are diverse (apart from the expansion HINT: winter assault) and it requires a high amount of skill to use each race to their full potential.

Other players, maybe we can hook up for a game online?
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