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Default Valve models


I imagine a lot of you already know about this but just in case:

Valve have teamed up with Gamer Heads to create amazing replica models of some of their top games video characters.

Most notably they have already created a the Team Fortress 2 Heavy character as a 12 inch model hand painted, the 750 available models in blue and red have alas already sold out.

But Gamer heads have now started their range in Left 4 Dead 2 and Half Life 2.

Half Life 2's first model in the series is the Headcrab zombie, a 20 inch statue of the infamous character monster from the game. Just so you are aware they are only sell 300 of these zombies, 300 are normal and 300 are the exclusive version. The exclusive version is the same as the normal version but has a chainsaw blade that can be attached to the base but costs slightly more.
The kicker the model costs roughly 250 ($350) including postage, but get a ruler out and see the size of a 20 inch model, personally i think its worth the money and they look amazing.

Left 4 Dead's first model is the large hulking Tank, set in a pose as if he just smashed through a door. This model is 15inchs in size and also comes in standard and exclusive, through the exclusive includes a pump action shotgun (random) This too is the first in the left4dead 2 series.
As before the kicker is price, also costs around 250 roughly ($350) including postage.


Anyway so I have ordered the Head Crab zombie as I love half life 2 and wasnt going to pass up this chance, i misse dout on the TF2 heavy which was already launch and sold out which is a shame.

Also if you want one but arent sure you can afford it be aware that they offer the option to pay in 3 monthly installments, where you pay before the release, so one month you pay $100, the second month $100, then you pay the final amount leftover. Then the model is released and sent to you.

This is what makes the company good in my mind as it allows me to get the items without affecting my bank balance to badly. Also they seem set to release about 1 model every quater, so you wont have to pay out for loads.
The tank is due out Q1 2011, and the zombie is due out Q2 2010. The tank si tempting but I will have to wait for another website design job before i can consider buying that model i think.

Anyway checkout
For all the infoa nd to purchase.

Wish i could have gotten the TF2 heavy
Also as they all have a limited run, these models will likely be a good investment for the future. Thats my justification for them anyway
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