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Default Gran Turismo 5

Well then, they finally finished it, or so they say...

If must say its quite ok, BUT. First off is that the game isn't complete, damage system isnt working and needs patching, online part is giving ppl trouble and a few other nags ill get back to.

I was looking forward to gt5 this x-mas but I think i might just not play it as much as the other games in this series. Theres are a few reasons why. I don't play GT5 for the online part. the amount of races, cups and series are few.
I only played for about 20 to 30 hours so far and I've completed the amateur, beginner and pro series. Only got one cup left of the expert and only driven one on the extreme.

The online part will get a patch the coming week and the damage patch will come within December.

Now over to the nags.

first off.. the cars.. You cant "buy" all the cars, some you need to check used car dealers for and thats really stupid cos when the car you want comes around you might not have the credits to buy it. and its only there for a couple of races. And even some cars you can buy cant be sold afterwards?!? stupid..
premium cars and standard cars.. why?!? I know whats the different between them but.. WHY?? the premium ones look very nice.. but the standard ones look like its from gt4..

And theres the issue with the levels.. why do they make you go up in level AND take a license.. The licenses are easy.. only 10 runs with different tasks, not that hard.. even the last one wasn't hard..
So they make you level grinding to get to the next level so you can be allowed to drive a race that gives you 10% of the next level you need to hit(hence lack of races and cups)..

And there is like gt always have and cant seem to get rid off.. WALL GRINDING.. so many years with developing and still you can take a corner into the wall and not lose as much speed. this will be different with damage but still.. AI are mostly ok but in some situations they tend to bully you much more than you like and sometimes it seems like the police take down don't work on AI, off course this isn't something a "real driver" would do but if your car is slower you take down the enemy in the first corner.. Then you dont have to spend money every time you want to drive a new race.
Lets take the German league(SWL). Its in pro and expert(a and B), You need to get a car with at least 350bhp to make it and it cant be too heavy. so the price on German cars aren't the lowest. I got me an Audi r8.. didn't need much tuning. and ended on 300k. The win for those to cups was much less than 300k. And I wasn't going to drive it again..

And theres the B-spec mode too.... it worked ok on gt4, but then you could ff through the race just so you got a few extra credits if you needed. But now you need to constantly give your driver orders. And the driver starts at scratch with no or less xp.. He is actually so bad that I had to give him a Nissan gt-r with over 800bhp to finish 1st on Sunday cup races(first races in the game).

So when the developers say that all this waiting is cos they didn't want to give people a finished product but a perfect one.. well they haven't given neither..

The game is ok entertainment and driving itself has a realistic feel to it. But it could have bin so much better..
so lets only hope that there will be lots of add-ons in pss the coming future..

And guys, in 6-7 years they will be releasing GT6

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