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Good to see this community still going
Not played with some of you guys since CS and CS:Source days (as in early CS Source ).

Anyway on topic, it would seem LFFPicard has a good solution and will be miles better than mine. I'm just throwing this out there as an alternate option.

I've been using a free hosting company for a few private and work related sites with great success.
They have a brilliant web com interface where you can install Forums and various other software and addons with a click of a button, no mess of uploading files or manually creating databases etc. it just does it.
So far I've experience 0 downtime or any issues, but then I use it far less than this site and have hardly any users (intentionally).

While the software they have on there is free already i.e. phpBB, Word Press... it takes the hassle out of installing it. There would be nothing stopping you from using vB but you'd have to manually install/transfer.

I've also been looking at non database centric Content Management Systems if you wanted a basic front end website, Word Press is great if you want to patch it every day but the following CMS solutions have no database that can be hacked etc... The main way to change the site is a quick FTP to upload files up, which you can disable when not in use without affecting your website. GetKirby and Statmic from the site below are my 2 favourite contenders... I've annoyingly not had the time to play with them yet, but there are some really good skins.

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