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Deviant 28-05-12 06:58 PM

items for sale
Hey all,

I am selling a few items that I dont use or dont have room for if anyone is interested and wants to make a reasonable offer let me know.

1) Xbox 360 + kinect + games + accessories:
Xbox 360 Elite 250gb console
Xbox 360 kinect motion sensor
Xbox 360 controller
Xbox 360 DVD Remote control
Xbox 360 HD cable
7 Games;
- Kinect Adventures
- Kinect Sports Season 1
- Kinect Sports Season 2
- Kinect 'The Gunstringer'
- Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
- Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3
- Arcana Hearts 3

Still has box for kinect but dont have box for xbox unfortunately. About 2-3 months old, have only been using it for watching dvds so decided to sell it and get a dvd player instead.


2) Ozone Gaming Radon Opto Mouse

I was given this mouse recently, but I have a nice razer Deathadder that I love so am selling this one. its typical RRP is around 30. its new never been used still in box


3) The Red heavy statue for TF2 by gaming heads

I sadly dont have room for it, its now sold out making it a nice collectable items, I sadly dont have the box for it anymore either.


Will consider offers, let me know.

chuckwood 29-05-12 12:10 PM

Maybe post up some rough estimates of what you are looking for too Deviant.
Thanks mate.

Deviant 29-05-12 01:37 PM

I am not sure so these arent set in stone, but;

Id be looking for about 250 or so for the xbox, kinect, games and accessories. (+postage) (Prices if bought new 450 roughly)

20 for the gaming mouse. (+postage) (RRP 40)

100 for the statue (+postage costs) (original price around 160) N.b. I dont have the orriginal box for the hevay statue, but it is as its named HEAVY, so i imagine postage would be potentially as expensive as the statue itself. Also the hevay statue is now completely sold out. If i had space for it id hold onto it and try and sell it later.

I am flexible on prices, for the statue its probably best for people to collect it if they want it.

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