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Deviant 17-07-12 03:03 PM

email spam

I just received the following email from dont know if perhaps you want to check your account settings to make sure you havent been hacked etc.


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HUNTER 17-07-12 03:44 PM

My guess it has something to do with the ad now below the top header?

chuckwood 17-07-12 09:52 PM

Sorry, we are all unavailable at the moment but do you want a nice watch? :D

Poo Bear 18-07-12 12:43 AM

I recieved the same email, it's what prompted me to log back into the site! Not for a watch, I'd only do that for a spiny one made of tin.

AndyCr15 19-07-12 06:57 AM

Hmm, that's a good point. I guess we've been hacked in some way, as the only ads we should have, as far as I know, are some Google ads.

**EDIT** Hmm, a quick hack about in the header and I think I've gotten rid of the ad at least...

snessy 21-07-12 03:27 AM

am i the only one who bought a watch?

AndyCr15 27-07-12 07:38 AM

Wow, that's a lot of spam (bounced back mails from our domain) -

The last 'load' was on the 21st. Checking my sent mails to the service provider, it was the 20th that I tried changing passwords and such, but I mailed the other two guys with passwords to the site admin, they might not have changed until the 21st.

Hopefully it's fixed now though.

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