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AndyCr15 22-02-11 11:36 AM

I noticed Lee and Khan mention Rift on Twitter. Anyone tell me a little about it? I really need a new game to play...

It looks kinda pretty, but not necessarily any prettier than Conan.

What's its USP, or is it just another MMO?

Khan 22-02-11 01:35 PM

Might get it, you can pre-order on Steam and get early access on Thursday (?) night. Lestat is going on an English PVP server so would hope to get on the same one.


AndyCr15 22-02-11 02:10 PM

Hmm, I might give it a go. I'm off this week, so shame it's not any earlier, but Thursday's not too bad.

No ideas of what makes this MMO different though?

Khan 22-02-11 03:00 PM

It's the Dynamic content system and soul system. The Dynamic Content (Rifts) can spawn anywhere dependant on population and are a lot like WAR's Public Quests (but spawn where people are). The Soul System allows you to customise your class, so you select 1 of 4 armour types, then can select something like a rogue with tanking power, or a tank with some healing abilities, or a DPS healer. You can collect 8 "souls" per 4 armour types and switch them on the fly.

The level of polish is also a big pull for most MMO players.


Khan 23-02-11 09:38 AM

Server list is up:

Options are:

Cloudborne EN PvP
Whitefall EN PvP


AndyCr15 23-02-11 09:53 AM

I don't mind, I assume there wont be a difference from one to the other?

**EDIT** So headstart will be 6pm tomorrow (Thursday) evening. Are we all (well, the 3 of us) going on right from the off? I know I can make it.

Khan 23-02-11 11:35 AM

I should be around that night, probably not until 8ish though.

Whoever's in first, post servers and names here.


AndyCr15 23-02-11 12:04 PM

Ohh, if I'm in early, do I get to reserve all the names I want I wonder?

Lets just go Whitefall, post in this thread if there is some kind of issue.

I don't know if I want McBain though, not all that fantasy is it...

Will probably try and get Bartholomew, Dakota and Diamon.

Are there 'sides' we have to choose?

Khan 23-02-11 04:30 PM

Whitefall sounds good, there are 2 sides, the guardians and defiant's. The guardians are holy warriors and have more wholesome armour and stuff (think WoW Alliance) and Defiant are steam-punk style techno people who caused the Rifts but want to fight them with tech, they have a darker style armour etc.

I would say defiant rather guardians as who wants to be the "good/light" guys.


AndyCr15 24-02-11 08:47 AM

Are we going to use TeamSpeak 3?


Khan 24-02-11 09:22 AM

So Defiant then, good stuff. Will be around Friday night as I have family around tonight (they are going back to the south of France so I guess I need to say bye really). I'll try and get a character setup at some point this evening.


AndyCr15 24-02-11 09:50 AM

Should we plan complimentary characters? Healer, Tank, DPS?

You guys know how it works, so tell me what I need to be...

Khan 24-02-11 10:07 AM

Think I'm gonna go rogue with DPS/Stealth, this may be handy for you mate:

AndyCr15 24-02-11 12:18 PM

Thanks, I came across that myself earlier. Doesn't make a great deal of sense just yet, hopefully will once I start playing.

I'll perhaps lean towards a pure healer (Cleric, Templar?) then, as I'm not a fan of tanking, unless Lee wants that job.

Khan 24-02-11 03:35 PM

Don't forget, you get instant re-specs to set templates, so you could be a dps with some healing and then switch to something more pure. I'm not 100% with the soul system but it will allow you to re-spec depending on type of group content (so you could have solo spec, group and pvp specs etc).


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