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Spiff 11-03-15 03:40 PM

2015 NFL Off Season
Looking at what happened on the first day of free agency there are some big changes in the league for the upcoming year.

I will start with my home team the Seahawks and the Jimmy Graham trade. It really took my by surprise. My first thought was what the hell are they thinking. But after a day of reflecting on it I have warmed up to it a little. I can see the benefit of having a player like Graham on the field will take a defender away that would normally plug a hole for Lynch to run through. The biggest hangups I have is we are a run first offense and his contract.

Suh to the dolphins. Well I can see paying a player big money to come play for you but (I will quote some of what I heard on the radio this morning) I really don't see paying some one that kind of money. That is elite QB type of money. I will agree that he is the best at his position. But if they were to get a really great QB what are they gonna pay him. Maybe Suh will be done by the time they get their elite QB.

Revis to the Jets, Well not much to say about that. I guess he gets what he wants. Now that he has his ring he can go back to a mediocre team.

Packers did what they needed to do and it seems Cobb is one of those guys who wants to win over getting the big money.

Colts i think have made some good moves. I think they are more of a contender now than they were 2 days ago. With Gore and Trent Cole coming to the team I thin this helps them a bunch. The reports of Andre Johnson to be added soon will help some but I still think they are one or two pieces on defense from a SB contender. They are the closest next to the Pats.

Chip Kelly and the Eagles. I am not sure on what they are doing but the only reaction I have is We will see. They added CB Maxwell from the Seahawks, and traded Foles to the Rams for Bradford. I guess the QB switch is pretty even but I can see the Rams get a little better end of the deal. I hate to say it and my kids will back me up when I say this. But ever since his college days at Oklahoma when I first saw Bradford. He looked soft and a bit fragile. Don't think he will last much longer. Foles to the Rams I think will be an ok fit. They have a couple good WR's so we will see.

I know more happened on the first day but will leave it open for comments.

AndyCr15 20-04-15 07:30 PM

Wow, shows how infrequent I come to this forum now :(

Yeah, I like some of the Colts moves, will be an interesting season for them.

Crippler2032 21-04-15 12:24 PM

The Eagles just signed Tim Tebow! I'm honestly not joking...

Azreal 22-04-15 02:10 PM

From a standpoint of QB rating, the Eagles now have three of the worst quarterbacks in the league.

Crippler2032 26-04-15 11:49 AM

I still rate Bradford when he's healthy. Eagles have just blown up their roster though, last 2 seasons they've let Shady, Jackson, Maclin and Foles leave. That's crazy!

Azreal 27-04-15 09:13 PM

I had nothing better to do today so thought I would do a ''final'' mock draft before this Thursdays draft (no trades)

Azreal 28-04-15 05:03 PM

Guess I should have done this mock draft after Shane Ray got arrested

Missouri edge rusher Shane Ray was arrested Monday morning for possession of marijuana in Cooper County, Mo.
What a bonehead move by Ray, who was later released from county jail. His stock was already crashing some because of a foot/toe issue that may require surgery and force him to miss rookie minicamp. Early in the pre-draft process, Ray was talked about as a possible top-three pick. Now, he may find himself


Spiff 01-05-15 08:13 PM

I usually don't watch the draft, but found myself in front of the TV during a relaxing evening while waiting for the wife and kids to get home.

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