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AndyCr15 03-10-14 07:23 AM

Site Hacked
As you might have seen, we got hacked over night. As far as I'm aware, passwords are safe as they are encrypted.

Upgrading to the newest version of vBulletin would cost $209, around 130, but with the site being less busy than it used to be, hosting costs too, it makes me wonder if we should just move to social media.

I'm really not a fan of Facebook, so I'm suggesting a move to a Google Plus Community.

I realise not everyone will use Google Plus, but it can be set so you get e-mail alerts when something is posted in the community, so it's not like you would need to be checking Google Plus every day.

What are people's thoughts?

Azreal 05-10-14 03:09 PM

Hmm I hardly ever use my Google+ account, so this would give me a good reason to start using it.

AndyCr15 08-10-14 05:54 PM

I've found and fixed one security flaw, we'll see how we get on.

I've set up a Community though - here.

LFFPicard 09-10-14 12:13 PM

IF you want I can host, I have a hosting account paid up for 3years anyway and will always have hosting for myself as well.

My hosting is currently with Dreamhost. And I would be happy to help update the site to a new more secure platform or something if you like. There are some free options out there that are good, but Xenforo is the new best paid forum software. The top devs from Vbulletin left and set up Xenforo as they did not like the way VB went cash cow.

AndyCr15 09-10-14 06:32 PM

That doesn't sound too bad. I wouldn't really be able to help in any technical manner mind you...

Could this forum be ported over?

LFFPicard 09-10-14 06:36 PM

For a lot of the forum software there are importers/exporters to move stuff to a new forum.

But, I could start looking at it on my host and leave this here until we are happy with a forum software etc then port it over. I would say a free forum software unless you wanna fork out 100's. I will look a bit while bored at work tomorrow, last I looked the top runners in free forum software were

AndyCr15 09-10-14 07:15 PM

Looks okay to me. It would be good if you can move us over :)

As you say, have a play and see what you can do.

AGTDenton 18-10-14 02:05 PM

Good to see this community still going :)
Not played with some of you guys since CS and CS:Source days (as in early CS Source :p).

Anyway on topic, it would seem LFFPicard has a good solution and will be miles better than mine. I'm just throwing this out there as an alternate option.

I've been using a free hosting company for a few private and work related sites with great success.
They have a brilliant web com interface where you can install Forums and various other software and addons with a click of a button, no mess of uploading files or manually creating databases etc. it just does it.
So far I've experience 0 downtime or any issues, but then I use it far less than this site and have hardly any users (intentionally).

While the software they have on there is free already i.e. phpBB, Word Press... it takes the hassle out of installing it. There would be nothing stopping you from using vB but you'd have to manually install/transfer.

I've also been looking at non database centric Content Management Systems if you wanted a basic front end website, Word Press is great if you want to patch it every day but the following CMS solutions have no database that can be hacked etc... The main way to change the site is a quick FTP to upload files up, which you can disable when not in use without affecting your website. GetKirby and Statmic from the site below are my 2 favourite contenders... I've annoyingly not had the time to play with them yet, but there are some really good skins.

LFFPicard 20-10-14 09:02 AM

The issue is not necessarily the host but the software.

vbulletin that is use don here is an older version, vbulletin is on version 5 now, and is heavily based on social networking and comes rather bloated. The remaining developers on vbulletin are only out to make money now and have broken the forums into segments all costing money. That being said there may still be a couple security vulnerabilities in this version of Vbulletin that have since been fixed, but unless you want to fork out $200+ for the latest version the best option would be to change platform.

I am keep to move to xenforo, as a paid software solution it is remarkably cheap, but until the forums pick up again then a free option that is regularly maintained.

As for wordpress, it is a great bit of kit, but as this community revolves around forums a front end CMS is not required. But a note on that, my host automatically updates wordpress to the new version on every new release for me :)

The new forums are coming along, styling is my worst step after that a few quality of life mods and we will be good to go!

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