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Wizard of Oz 29-08-11 05:32 PM

Madden 12
Hey guys,

it's been a while, Madden 12 drops this week!!!

who's getting the game and who's up for a franchise?


HUNTER 29-08-11 06:46 PM

I'll be picking up the 360 version and am game.

champ2 29-08-11 09:08 PM

i posted a couple weeks back to gauge the intrest and see hu was up for it i definatley am at first i didnt really like 11 but got into over the last couple of months and 12 is ment to be better so cant wait to start

Crippler2032 30-08-11 01:19 AM

Count me in

AndyCr15 03-09-11 10:26 AM

Well, I've set up 'Lanarchy League' with the password 'lny10'

AndyCr15 03-09-11 12:19 PM

Is it just me, or did no-one else get an instruction manual with their game? :(

Btw, I have no problem in giving commissioner to someone else in the league. I also don't mind giving up the Skins, as I was them the last time we did this. I would perhaps go Lions or Jets...

Crippler2032 03-09-11 01:16 PM

No instructions this year it seems, me & karate kid didn't get any either so I assume you have to go to manual in the my Madden menu

WOODLIN 03-09-11 06:02 PM

EA didnt give a manual for fight night champion or tiger 12 also, it seems the way they going now with manuals on disk, the games are no cheaper though.

AndyCr15 03-09-11 07:44 PM

But can it be found online? I don't see it anywhere... :(

HUNTER 03-09-11 08:32 PM

I think its on the DVD somewhere. The little slip should tell you where to go.

I've joined as the Chargers.

champ2 04-09-11 06:51 AM

if you still havent found the manuel its located in the ea sports extras bit hope that helps.

AndyCr15 04-09-11 07:29 AM

Thanks guys, I didn't think to put the disc in my PC, will check later.

WOODLIN 04-09-11 05:35 PM

Erm not too sure where the manual is, oddly enough i know theres an option for manual once you have ended a game

Hootington 05-09-11 12:48 AM

Me and Sam Kirky are in. Sam will take the Buccs, I'll take either the Redskins or the Lions, I don't mind either one. But we are currently on holiday in Florida and don't get back until the 15th so we cant join until then at the earliest.

Wizard of Oz 05-09-11 04:02 PM

That will give us a chance to set it up with week 1 rosters!!!

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