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Conversation Between chuckwood and borandi
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  1. borandi
    25-08-10 02:02 PM
    Fair enough; I rewrote it in the form of an email anywho
  2. chuckwood
    25-08-10 01:39 PM
    If people want to fill it in they are most welcome and I did not see a need for discussion on that thread about it until Andy has a look at it too.
    Great to hear that it is ok as it is better safe than sorry. Sorry about your mini essay disappearing!
  3. borandi
    25-08-10 01:28 PM
    How come you closed that thread with the PhD student and the survey? I had a 400 word response to that, went to submit, the thread was closed and I lost all what I had wrote. Surely if I had a survey to fill for my PhD, it'd be allowed? The link is legit, as well as the institution and the people it cites.

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